John Candy Documentary Has Been Made By Colin Hanks And Ryan Reynolds

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A documentary giving a never-before-seen insight into the life, evDEn eVe NakliyAT career and tragic death of John Candy has been made by Colin Hanks and .
Iconic actor Candy - w. 
Stuck in an airport lounge in after an emergency landing, Page has to befriend Griffith who will let him stay the night in a rundown motel. 
Together the two of them, from wildly different social classes, have to overcome their intense dislike of each other and get Page home. If you are you looking for more on EVDEn Eve naKLiYaT take a look at the web site.  
At the time the film received critical acclaim, with John Candy being nominated for Funniest Actor in a Motion Picture that year.  
Legendary: Candy appeared in a number of comedies throughout his career, including Cool Runnings (pictured)
Behind the stardom: eVden EvE nAkliYat The documentary will also feature never-before-seen home videos, archives and eVDEN eVe NAkliYat family interviews(pictured 1993)